Friendship inaugurated its second floating hospital, the Emirates Friendship Hospital (EFH), on 22 November 2008. Built under the supervision of Friendship advisor, Yves Marre, the EFH is the first steel multi-hull ship made in Bangladesh.

EFH provides regular on board primary and secondary healthcare services. It also organises specialised health camps every month to provide advance secondary healthcare, where prominent local and international doctors volunteer their time to perform medical surgeries at the hospital.

The EFH has a specialised paediatric chamber and specialised women’s healthcare unit. These units also serve anti-natal care, post-natal care, general gynaecology, family planning and obstetrics. The EFH is automated by hospital management system software developed by Friendship and equipped with chambers for doctors, primary healthcare facilities, two operating theatres, two eight-bed wards, paediatric and gynaecology units, a dental room, a pathological laboratory, an X-ray room and an ophthalmic room. A dispensary onboard distributes free medicine to patients. The ship can accommodate up to 24 staff and eight visiting doctors. The deck of the ship can house 30 to 40 patients in emergencies.




EFH also provides secondary healthcare services, which include regular dental, eye, ENT, pathology, radiology and referral services. The EFH is equipped with modern medical equipment, a specialised operation theatre and postoperative ward.

The total number of patient till August 2016 is 431,842 out of which 231,166 is from primary healthcare and 200,676 is from secondary healthcare.



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